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Email bomb hoax scam includes Morris

Morris was among the targets for statewide email scam with a bomb threat hoax on Thursday, Dec. 13, Morris Police Chief Ross Tiegs said on Dec. 14.

Businesses and residences in Morris received an email on Thursday, Dec. 13, indicating that a bomb is present inside their business/home and that if money is not paid by Bitcoin by a certain deadline the bomb will explode, a Dec. 13 news release from the Morris Police said.

Tiegs said on Dec. 14 that Superior Industries, Morris City Hall and a private residence all reported receiving the email bomb threat hoax.

Superior received the threat hoax early in the afternoon and because it was not yet known to be hoax, the company evacuated its employees, Tiegs said.

"At the point we were responding to Superior, we found out there were three (hoaxes) in St. Cloud and two in Wright County," Tiegs said.

Superior officials and Morris police evaluated the email, Tiegs said. Superior officials also assessed their buildings, Tiegs said. The email was determined to be a hoax, Tiegs said.

Morris Police contacted the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. "We were informed that it was an ongoing situation," Tiegs said.

"There was a rash of them yesterday and it made national news," Tiegs said.

The Morris Police Department sent out a news release at about 3 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 13, to notify the public about the bomb threat email hoax.

Officials from Superior could not be reached for comment as of print deadline on Friday, Dec. 14.