A product used by the city of Hutchinson to preserve some of its city streets is of some interest to the city of Hancock.

The Hancock City Council on Aug.12 asked Bargen Inc. to return in September with an estimate on using a product called RePlay on several of the city streets.

RePlay is a sealant product made from a mix of soy oil, canola oil and polymers and is 88% bio based, the city of Huthinson’s website and the BioSpan website said. BioSpan makes RePlay.

A July 25 story on the Hutchinson Leader’s website said the city planned to use RePlay on nine streets that had been sealed in 2012.

Bryan Bargen said RePlay adds to the lifespan of streets and reduce overall maintenance costs.

Cities such as Hutchinson have had “less cracking, less potholes and longer life of pavement,” on the streets on which RePlay has been applied, Bargen said.

Bargen said the product penetrates deeply into the pavement and stops oxidation.

The cost is about $1.60 a square yard, Bargen said.

While the council asked for an estimate on applying RePlay it did approve a quote of about $16,500 from Bargen to fill cracks on several city streets.