There were reports of hail in Donnelly and rural northern Stevens County on the morning of Friday, July 19.

A severe thunderstorm passed through the area.

Robert Kopel who lives on the 5800 block of 140th Street said he got some hail and that it was worse about one mile east of his farm.

"It came straight down. There was no wind," said Pamela Lent of Donnelly. "It took a whole bunch of branches and leaves out of the trees."

Branches were also down at the Roland and Jan Greiner farm along Minnesota Highway 9 near Donnelly, their granddaughter Sam Greiner said.

"It started off slow like little pebbles and marble-sized," Greiner said. The hail got larger, "over golf ball sized I'd say. It got pretty big."

The hail lasted for about 15 minutes, Lent and Greiner said.