Loren Hacker said he's had a great run as the superintendent of the Hancock School District but now, "it's time for me and my family."

Hacker has been the part-time superintendent at Hancock since August of 2014.

He hadn't necessarily planned to stay as superintendent until 2019. "When I retired (as superintendent) from Canby I wanted to go someplace for a year and do the things I thought needed to be done and move on to the next district," Hacker said.

But he didn't move on after one year. Instead he decided to stay.

"This school district is an anomaly. It's a school district that's growing," Hacker said.

Hancock Schools has posted enrollment growth since 2014. Voters approved a referendum for an addition and construction started this spring.

The community support and growth are positives for the district but so is the staff, Hacker said.

"It's get excellent leadership and a great staff and that comes back to (principal) Tim Pahl," Hacker said. Pahl sets an example with his work ethic which is also practiced by the staff.

Hacker also appreciates the atmosphere of the school. "You walk in here and everybody is smiling."

The school board hired Paul Carlson, who will retire as superintendent rom the New London-Spicer School District on June 31, to replace Hacker.

Hacker has known Carlson for many years and encouraged him to consider the Hancock superintendent position.

The position will continue to be a part-time position.

"(Carlson) is an exceptional superintendent," Hacker said.

Although Hacker plans to fully retire he said if a school district closer to his home in Canby had a need such as filling out a school year for a departing superintendent, he'd consider it.

"You never say never because you don't know what the future brings you," Hacker said.