Chad Frappier of Tradesmen Construction in Alexandria said when construction crews ask him for specific details about how to find the Hancock School, he tells them when they get to town they will find it.

Hancock's population is about 760 people. The school takes up a few city blocks in a city with 25 to 30 streets.


While the town is small, the school district is growing which is the reason Frappier is working in Hancock.


"It's amazing a town the size of Hancock can be adding on to a size of school like that," Frappier said.


Frappier is the project manager for Tradesmen, which is the general contractor for the roughly $7.8 million addition to the Hancock School. The addition will include a new agriculture and industrial technology shop area, several new classrooms and other items.


Frappier said on June 19 that if weather and other conditions hold, the installation of precast concrete walls will start on July 8.


"Right now the foundation is in the process of getting poured," Frappier said. "We are 70 percent done with that."


As with many additions, the foundation will be adjusted to fit existing building and elevation. "The foundation will be at different depths because of the elevation of the ground and the existing structure," Frappier said.


Frappier was inside a trailer that serves an office during the construction project.


The sound of foundation work could be heard inside the trailer. An excavator and other equipment sat across from the trailer. That equipment was used to demolish the old shop and agriculture area. The equipment should be back in use soon when construction workers start back-filling the foundation.


Work was on schedule as of June 19.


Frappier said any possible big obstacles are usually detected after demolition and while foundation work is being done. So far, "we haven't run into any problems," Frappier said.


Construction of the addition isn't the only work being done on Hancock School property.


Principal Tim Pahl said at the June 17 school board meeting that a landscaping company would be planting grass in the new softball field within days.


The new softball field was visible behind Frappier's trailer. Equipment that apparently had been used and would be used for landscaping was sitting near the field.

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