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Fiber optic cut in Cold Spring creates glitch for local Federated service

A cut in a CenturyLink fiber optic line near Cold Spring caused some problems for Federated Telephone Cooperative on Tuesday, June 25, said Donna Eul of Federated.

The cut disrupted the route circuit Federated must use for 911 calls, Eul said. Federated customers who dialed 911 on June 25 had their calls rolled over to a different number to connect to the Stevens County Sheriff's Office, Eul said.TThe sheriff's office posted on Facebook at 6:31 p.m. June 25 that the line service had been restored.

But, the sheriff's office also advised customers to use 320-589-7198 instead of using 911 if they could.

"It was good for (customers) to have that back up number," Eul said.

Eul said customers may also notice some other calls may be affected by the fiber optic cut. Callers may hear the message "all circuits are busy" when making a call, she said.

While the state of Minnesota determines which routes Federated uses for its 911 service, the company has redundancy built into other calls, Eul said. For example, calls use circuits to the St. Cloud area as well as the Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and other areas, she said.

"Not all (circuits) will be down at the same time," Eul said.

Businesses that process credit and debit cards should not be impacted by the fiber optic cut but they may experience some glitches if they need a long distance phone line to process, Eul said. The glitches would not be frequent because of the redundancy built into the service, Eul said.