While roosters crowed and a the beeping mechanism of a skid steer sounded, the Rev. Rochelle Anderson told the attendees at an outdoor church service that sometimes “We need to take a step back. It’s time to sit and listen to God’s word.”

Anderson has been helping people take time to listen to God’s word for about five years on each Sunday of the Stevens County Fair.

Fair supporter Jeanne Ennen stepped in to continue the annual Sunday outdoor worship services after a long-time fair board member who organized the worship service retired from the board.

“This is one of my two favorite services of the whole year,” Ennen said. Her other favorite service is the outdoor service at the annual August threshing bee in Donnelly. The worship service was on the last day of the Aug. 6-11 fair in Morris.

“These are truly community services,” Ennen said.

She recruited Anderson to lead the service. Anderson works as a supply pastor in the region for ECLA congregations.

The attendance in the bleachers in the stage where Anderson and the worship team are was not large on Sunday, but it’s hard to accurately count participants. Some folks take a few minutes to listen on bench near the stage. While workers at the fair may be listening as they continue with their tasks.

Heidi Sell was working in the Morris Area/Chokio-Alberta Hockey Assocation food booth when she heard the worship music.

Sell was pleased the fair had a worship service. “Because I wanted to be in (church) today and here it is. If you can’t get to church, the church comes to you. That’s amazing.”

Sell was able to hover at times between the food booth and the worship service area.

Cheryl Higgins and Jo Solvie said they try and attend the outdoor service each year. They like Anderson’s preaching.

“We like being here for an outdoor service too,” Solvie said.

Anderson said the service brings together people from throughout the community. “It’s a coming together as God’s people and there are not demonations that seperate us,” Anderson said.