When Kendel Evink checked her livestock during the Stevens County Fair Aug. 6-11, she needed only to walk yards instead of making a several mile trip.

Evink and her family stayed in a camper during the fair. Camping at the fair has become a popular option with 4-H families, fair officials have said.

“This year is a really big year for campers,” Kendel’s dad Cory Evink said.”I think there is more than last year.”

Taryn Picht and her family also camp at the fair. “I don’t have to go home every night and come back early the next day,” Picht said of a benefit of camping.

Picht and several friends and Evink and her dad and brother Adam sat in front of campers on two different evenings at the fair.

The Evinks sat on lawn chairs eating supper from various food stands while the kids waited for the Mn Xtreme Bull Riding on Aug. 10.

“We show cattle so we are in the barn all day,” Cory Evink said. “It’s nice to have a place to cool off.”

Picht sat in front of a fire on Aug. 10 with several friends and adults Troy Christians and Bob Ritzschke.

“This is our fourth year camping here,” Ritzschke said.

Ritzschke is Christians’ father in law. The grandchildren are involved in 4-H so the Christians, of St. Joseph, have one camper and the Ritzschkes have another.

When their own kids were in 4-H they drove back and forth from near Alberta, Ritzschke said.

“It’s nice to camp,” Christians said. “You get up in the morning and get dressed and there you go.”

Picht and the two families said convenience is a big reason to camp at the fair. Ritzschke said there is another benefit.

“You have time to see more things at the fair,” Ritzschke said.

Most of the campers were in a grassy area between Stevens County Road and the carnival midway.