Cooler than average temperatures prevail for May.  So far in the first four months of 2019, we experienced below average temperatures.  The mean temperature for May was 47.2°F, which is 9.1°F below the average of 56.3°F (1886-2018).  This May ranks as the second coldest May on record.  Only May of 1907 was colder with an average temperature of 45.9°F. 

The high temperature for the month was 85°F on May 31.  The low temperature for the month was 31°F and occurred on May 7.  The highest temperature recorded in May at the WCROC from 1886 to 2017 was 106°F on May 31, 1934.  The lowest temperature recorded historically was 18°F which occurred on three days, May 2, 1911, May 3, 1926, and May 11, 1946.  Last year May was warmer than average with a mean temperature of 62.8°F.  The difference between these two years is 15.6 °F.

Precipitation for the month totaled 4.06 inches, which is 1.06 inches above the average of 3.00 inches.  We accumulated 191 growing degree days in May. The average is 315 for May which makes 124 growing degree days below average. With 89 growing degree days in April, we have accumulated 280 growing degree days for both months.  The average is 431.  We have recorded 15 days of .01 inches or more of precipitation. 

Unfortunately, these events have been evenly spaced and we have had limited days to do fieldwork.  This and the combination of cool temperatures have hampered the planting of many corn and soybean fields in the area.  

Complete weather data for May is available here