Teacher Amy Dougherty said she talked to the Hancock High School Class of 2019 more than 15 hours a week.


"That's more than I talk to my own kids," Dougherty said during her graduation speech on May 17. She has taught some of the students for three classes a day. Others are involved in Business Professionals of America. Some just swing by in the morning or after school to chat.



On May 17, Dougherty had another conversation with the class. She shared a story about a World War II veteran who in 1942 left his farm for the military. During his training in Newport News, Virginia, the 20-year-old man received a $2 bill in change after paying for restaurant meal. The $2 bill was unusual so the man kept it.


Although some told him the bill was unlucky, the soldier kept it while he was serving in North Africa and Italy. He carried the $2 bill every day of his life, not as a good luck charm but as a reminder "that nothing can hold you back if you believe in yourself and try your hardest," Dougherty said.


This soldier gave the $2 bill to his daughter Amy, who became the teacher in Hancock High School. Dougherty has kept the $2 bill as reminder of her father and of his words. "Have courage to fly but remember the roots of your home," her father told her when he gave her the $2 bill.


Dougherty taped $2 bills under the chairs of each of the 18 graduates. She too, wanted the seniors she knows so well to be reminded that they shouldn't let anyone tell them they can't accomplish something. That they should have the courage to fly but remember their roots. The same words her father told her when he gave her the $2 bill.


To learn more about the Hancock Class of 2019, click this link for the annual Stevens County Times graduation section: https://issuu.com/morrissuntribune/docs/fmmst_2019_05_11__1__b00b936efedc0f. To read the speech from the student speakers, click this link: https://www.stevenscountytimes.com/news/education/4620168-hancock-speakers-invite-class-remember-cherish-hope