Eighteen seniors graduated from Hancock High School on Friday, May 17.

Student and staff speakers mentioned the strengths of the class, including integrity and a work ethic.

"I feel privileged to have seen them grow and develop over the last eight years," principal Tim Pahl said in his welcome speech.

Pahl, whose son Tanner is a graduate, said he "struggled to write this (speech) I don't know how many times."

Maybe he struggled because he hoped that by not writing it, the 18 seniors would return to school.

Three graduates spoke on behalf of class of 2019. Student speakers Amber Hausmann, Tanner Pahl and Kyerra Carter spoke on the past, present and future.

Hausmann said the class has shared 13 years together. She used to think upperclassmen were exaggerating when they told her that high school goes by quickly, but they were right.

Over the past years of school, the class had learned. "...Staples and fingers don't get along well," Hausmann said of a learning experience from elementary school.

She recalled the excitement in seventh grade when the class moved into a new addition at the school.

In high school, the classed "learned the little league fence isn't very strong," Hausmann said.

"The last 13 years have been great and will leave an impact on our lives forever," Hausmann said.

Pahl said while the past made memories the class should focus on the present today.

"...for many of us, this day is not only to bid farewell to our beloved Hancock High School but also a day to put on our grown-up shoes and venture into the world of higher education, careers and military service," Pahl said. But the class shouldn't be to eager to say goodbye. Instead Pahl encouraged the class to cherish the present.

"We want to be able to look back at this exact moment and clearly remember the pride and excitement we felt," Pahl said.

When we live in the present, we can make a difference, Pahl said.

As to the future of the class, Carter said, "I believe that everyone of us sitting on this stage is somewhat fearful of the future."


But Carter is OK with those fears because: "We can all rise above our fears, and I know that we will."

"I have absolutely no doubt that in the future, every one of my classmates will succeed and prosper in any field they choose to pursue," Carter said.

The student speakers also thanked their parents and the school staff who supported them during their school years.

And Hausmann said thanks to her class for the memories. "It's been an amazing 13 years class of 2019," she said.

To read the speech by faculty speaker Amy Dougherty, click this link: https://www.stevenscountytimes.com/news/education/4620193-dougherty-encourages-hancock-seniors                     To learn more about the Class of 2019, click the link to the Stevens County Times annual graduation section: https://issuu.com/morrissuntribune/docs/fmmst_2019_05_11__1__b00b936efedc0f