A demolition crew from Tradesmen Construction of Alexandria demolished a section of the Hancock School May 29 to make way for a $7.8 million addition.

Brian Kulzer hopped out of a large backhoe after a little over an hour of work and gave a thumbs up on demolition.

Kulzer and Jake Kulzer operated two backhoes to knock down the roughly 3,000 square foot section.

"It won't take long," Kulzer said of demolition. "It should go pretty good."

The demolition started with Jake Kulzer tearing holes in the section's roof so water could be sprayed in the holes for dust control.

Once demolition started the backhoes operated in a sort of dance within and on top of rubble as they knocked and punched holes in the section's brick sides and roof. At times the claw end of the hoe acted like a hand to reach and grab at bricks and pull them down.

The demolition of the school's now former industrial arts and agriculture classes drew onlookers who sat on chairs on lawns in the shade or sat on bicycles on an adjacent street.

"We're used to seeing people watch. It's a very common thing," Kulzer said.

Three Hancock High School students sat inside a Chevy Malibu and ate Kool Pops frozen treats as they watched the demolition. Lexi Staples, Alexa Meierding and Morgan Kisgen said they had been at softball practice. When practice ended they decided to drive by the school.

All three said they had taken classes in that section of the building.

Next year, they'd be taking classes in the new addition which will include several classrooms and a new industrial arts and agriculture section.

Check out video on the Stevens County website and watch for more coverage in the June 1 edition.