This was not a Beverly Hills Blow Out but Chance the duck definitely got styled at the Stevens County Fair on Aug. 7.

Carrie Wilts and her mom Ellen were using a blow dryer to dry Chance before the poultry show that day.

This was not a special duck down dryer. “It’s a human hair dryer,” Ellen said.

“I decided to give him a bath this morning and that turned out to be a bad idea,” Carrie said. “I need to blow dry him before the show. Because we didn’t have a hair dryer we borrowed one from a friend.”

Finding a hair dryer to borrow was an easy task.

“Everybody uses hair dryers,” Ellen said. Dryers are used to groom livestock, “except for maybe pigs,” Ellen said.

Chance is likely a Crested duck because of the deformity in the skull which gives him a crest. When it’s blown dry that crest looks a bit like high teased hair and possible resembles the high wave made popular in the 1950s, (think Elvis).

Chance didn’t seem to mind the blow dry grooming. He quacked and even raised his head a few times to give the groomers a better angle.

Although Carrie was showing ducks for the first time, she handled Chance well. “It’s my last year in 4-H and I wanted to show waterfowl,” Carrie said. “I love waterfowl.”

She’s spent time banding geese and she “just fell in love with ducks.” And of the ducks she has, “(Chance) is my favorite.