Two little brothers had some candid stuff to say about their older sister who graduated from the University of Minnesota Morris on Saturday, May 18.


Teague, 10, and Kobe, 8, Stevenson said their older sister Elli, was a good older sister.


"She's very loving. She's very nice," Kobe said.


"She spends time with us," Teague said,"We will go outside and play ball and stuff."


"She plays games with us," Kobe said.


The two brothers from Hayti, South Dakota, wore special headgear that sort of resembled Mickey Mouse ears but were more distinct in their acknowledgment of college graduation. Their grandma Paige Kruse gave them the headgear to wear for Elli's commencement ceremony.


Teague and Kobe were sitting in chairs on the court on which their older sister played basketball for the UMM Cougar women's basketball team.


The brothers have been at many of Elli's games, mom Kristi Stevenson said.


They said they planned to cheer when Elli crossed the stage to receive her college diploma that day.


Elli came to UMM to play basketball but Kobe said she also came "to learn."


"She's going to be a school (psychologist)" Teague said.


That means Elli will be going on to another college for more education, the brothers said


Mom said the boys missed their sister when she left for UMM four years ago.


No doubt it will be similar this fall when Elli leaves for Minnesota State Moorhead for graduate school.

Watch for more UMM commencement coverage on the website and in the May 25 edition of the Stevens County Times.