At around 11 a.m. Sunday, Aug. 11, Kaidence Peterson, 5 ½, and her family had started looking for the medallion at the Stevens County Fair. The hunt was in it’s last day on the final day of the fair.

“I hope we find it mama,” she said as they stood near picnic tables where they had searched.

“I hope so too,” mom Kelsey Peterson said.

Mom, daughter, dad Wes and son Wyatt, 9 months, came to the fair in the morning to search for the medallion.

“My husband thought it would be fun,” Kelsey said.

And it was fun, Kaidence said.

Searchers follow clues to lead them to medallion.

“I think they are helpful. Obviously not enough or they are really sly,” Kelsey said of the clues.

“We looked by cars, by picnic tables…,” Kaidence said of the searched. “You look under things.”

They also look in “shiny places,” Kaidence said.

The finder of the medallion receives $50.

If she finds it Kaidence plans to “buy stuff.” She has at least two dolls in mind-- an LOL mermaid doll and a “hair doll.”