Below you will find the daily maximum and minimum air temperatures, 24-hour precipitation amounts for this week, and growing degree units. These values are recorded at 8 AM and reflect the conditions for the previous 24-hour period (8 AM to 8 AM) at the West Central Research and Outreach Center in Morris MN.













Warmer weather prevailed this week with some rain.  The average temperature for this week was 47.4°F.  The average is 46.0°F for this time.  WCROC received .44 inches of precipitation this week for a total of 2.35 inches so far in April.  This is above the average of 2.26 inches.  

We accumulated 34 growing degree units for the past week.  Frost was recorded from 24 to 27 inches.  Last year frost measured from 18 to 27 inches.  

So far, no fieldwork has been done in the area but lighter ground is getting close.  The south winds also brought us two black cutworm moths and two armyworm moths in our traps over the weekend.  

Information on the University of Minnesota Cooperative Black Cutworm Trapping Network can be found at: