It's nearly midnight and the house is quiet except for the song running through Nick Moser's mind.

Moser, a 2008 graduate of Morris Area High School, has been writing country music songs for several years. Three years ago, he decided he wanted to seriously pursue songwriting and singing as a professional career. He hasn't quit his day job but he's been to Nashville twice to work with a producer and record his music.

On, Saturday, April 13, Moser and full band will peform from 9 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. at the Met Lounge in Morris.

"This has been as high on my list as going to Nashville," Moser said of the chance to perform for a hometown crowd. "It's probably because I grew up here." he said of the anticipation.

Moser now lives in rural Pennock with his wife Alli and their two children, Raelynn, 2 ½, and Brinley, eight months. He works in construction.

"My goal is to get signed by a record company but it has to be the right fit," Moser said. "Right now, a majority of the companies, they want a fan base. My goal is to build a fan base that supports me."

Moser has a website called Nickmosermusicmn, a Facebook page called Nick Moser Music and also uses Instagram to promote his songs. Fans can find his songs on iTunes, Google Play and other music applications as well as on his own website and Facebook page.

"Independent songwriters don't have an agent supporting them, you have to do all the promoting yourself," Moser said. He invests his time and his money into his music.

So far, the fan reaction has been positive. Fans are liking his music and sharing it with other potential fans, Moser said.

The support from fans, "helps the most," Moser said.

C.J. Fromm of the Met Lounge said it's been a few years since the business was able to feature a local band.

Fromm has listened to some of Moser's music. "I think it's really good," he said.

Locals recognize Moser's name and "there is some buzz being generated. It's a local kid coming back. People are excited about having him here."

Moser said finding his way to a recording contract takes work.

"It's fun but it's definitely more of a working fun because my goal isn't just to do this as a hobby," Moser said.

Sometimes, people may think he was on vacation in Nashville but "it's not like a vacation," Moser said.

"You are there working on your music," Moser said. Recording music takes hours and days, Moser said.

Once he is satisfied with the recordings, Moser must then promote the music.

He's been encouraged and supported by his wife and his parents Mike and Cindy Moser. And he's also encouraged that a producer in Nashville was willing to work with him.

Recently, he's gotten "interest from publishing companies," Moser said.

He hasn't set a timetable on when he wants to get the recording contract. "I'm just trying to get better as a performer and as an artist," Moser said.

That includes spending time writing, recording and performing his music. The song writing can come easily and can be difficult. Some days a song can be finished in half hour and, other days, he must put the pen down and wait for another day.

Moser said his songs can be inspired by things he sees in daily life. "I write ideas in my (cell) phone if I'm inspired," he said.

"If I'm inspired during the day I may try to write that night," Moser said. "I write at the end of the night. When everyone goes to bed and the house is quiet."

Some of his songs are personal and tell a story about him or life. His song "Empty Hook" is about his daughters. The house had an empty hook when you walked through the front door. On the day he brought his daughter home, he hung her coat there and the hook wasn't empty. The song talks about how the hook will be filled with his daughter's various-sized coats until one day she won't live at home and won't need the hook.

"Every day is different," Moser said of songwriting.