There will be a new place to park the buses for the Morris Area School District.

The district's school board approved a low bid package of $1,063,163 for the new bus garage.

The bids were about $350,000 below the estimated price. The board had received bids for a bus garage earlier this year but rejected them because they were too costly.

"The building committee worked many, many, hours on this project," superintendent Rick Lahn said.

The committee wanted to reduce the cost of the bus garage.

"We moved the building (location) a little bit," building committee and school board member Doug Stahman said. The move will require less excavation of dirt which lowered the price, he said.

"The building is also a little bit smaller," Stahman said. The committee combined one bay with a maintenance area.

Stahman said those changes and some others reduced the building's cost.

"So it was a combination of a better market (in which to bid) and those changes?" board chairwoman Robyn VanEps said.

Stahman said that was accurate. This bidding attempt drew about five bids on each piece of the project, Stahman said.

The bids did include some from area contractors.

The following are the bids for the project as included in a letter to the board from Bradbury and Stamm, the school's construction consultant:

Contract 1: Concrete Work Voss Plumbing & Heating $93,500.00 Contract 4: Architectural Woodwork/Countertops Ron's Cabinets $6,534.00 Contract 5: Insulation Intex Insulating $23,414.00 Contract 6: Caulking & Sealants The Caulkers $10,000.00 Contract 7: Frames, Doors & Hardware Mid Central Door $24,024.00 Contract 8: Overhead Openings API Garage Door Store $29,135.00 Contract 10: Gypsum Drywall Fergus Drywall $98,861.00 Contract 11: Acoustical Treatments Central Suspensions $2,500.00 Contract 13: Wall Coverings (Paint) Masterpiece Painting $6,630.00 Contract 15: Wood Post Frame Building Calgaro Construction $352,942.00 Contract 16: Plumbing Lake Country Mechanical $76,450.00 Contract 19: Earthwork/Utilities/Landscaping Incl. in Contract 20 Contract 20: Class 5/Bituminous Paving Riley Brothers Construction $160,738.00, Contract 17: HVAC Greeley Plumbing & Heating $62,425.00 Contract 18: Electrical Messner Electric $55,168.00.

Bradbury Stamm also said that bids for these parts would be taken at a later date: Contract 2: Structural Steel/Misc. Metals (material only) **No bids received, Contract to be Rebid/Quoted** Contract 3: Finish Carpentry **No bids received, Contract to be Rebid/Quoted** Contract 9: Louvers (material only) **No bids received, Contract to be Rebid/Quoted** Contract 12: Flooring **No bids received, Contract to be Rebid/Quoted** Contract 14: Accessories (material only) **No bids received, Contract to be Rebid/Quoted**