This snow hill is so big it even got a name. Several names in fact.

Keason Cihak, 6 ½, calls it Mountain Megladon, which means "it's huge." His brother Landon, 8 ½, calls it the Mountain of Death and his sister Addison, 10, frequently refers to it as the Mountain.

The mountain is in the backyard of the home the kids share with their parents Jen and Mike Cihak at 7 Northridge Drive in Morris. The Cihaks' backyard butts up against a farm crop field so the family has had snow drifts in the yard.

The family lost 12 trees in summer storm in 2012 or 2013 which removed part of a wind block. The Cihaks put up a snow fence this winter which has helped block some of the snow. Still, the amount of snow and frequent wind of this winter has created big snow hill that stretches in length across most of the backyard and is several feet higher than the house.

"When the big storm hit, it started piling up over the snowfence there in the back of it," Addison said.

"After storms it would get three feet taller then two feet taller," Mike said.

The family shared photos with friends and family. The photos inspired one friend to ask if the family had moved to Andes Tower, a downhill ski location near Kensington.

And in a way, the family did have its own outdoor recreation area. The kids have ridden sleds down the hill. They've borrowed a snowboard from their neighbors Lyle and Londa Rambow.

"There are two sides to it," Addison said of the snow hill. One side is much steeper than the other. "The other side curves on top and goes under," she said.

Landon said one at least one of his trips down the hill, "I thought I was gonna die."

But mostly, the hill has been fun, the kids said. Plenty of friends have been on the hill to go sledding or dig in the snow.

Keason said that digging in the snow is what he likes most about the backyard filled with snow.

The kids aren't sure how tall the hill is or how much snow it contains but they do know it's a lot.

"I think it weighs 500 pounds," Landon said. The snow would fill 29,000 wheelbarrows, he thought.

"I think it's 30 feet high because it's taller than the house," Addison said. The hill's snow would fill 500 wheelbarrows, she thought.

"It's 32 feet high," Keason said.

The snow hill will shrink as the weather gets warmer.

"It's gonna be a mud pool eventually," Landon said.

"The ground will get so muddy," Addison said."I don't think I will have my birthday party (outside) in May because of it."

The family made estimates on when they thought the snow hill would be completely melted.

Addision said June 4. Landon said July 9. Keason said June 2. Jen said June 29 and Mike said June 21.