Welcome to another edition of the Donnelly News

"If you do not like the weather in Minnesota, just wait and it will change." That old saying was very evident in the past week as we have gone from some spring-like days to winter-like days and back and forth several times in the past week.

At 9:30 a.m. on Jan. 13 there will be joint services at St. John's followed by coffee hour and Sunday school. On Jan. 20, services are at Kongsvinger followed by the annual meeting and potluck dinner. No coffee hour or Sunday school. It will also be new member Sunday.

Annual meetings are Jan. 20 at Kongsvinger and the 27th at St. John's.

The Donnelly Youth Club meets from 4 -6 p.m. Jan. 16 at St. John's.

The Bookmobile will be in town from 3:45 to 4 p.m. Jan. 14 on Main Street.

Bar bingo sponsored by the Donnelly Fire Department has started up again at the Place to Be in Donnelly and will continue monthly until further notice.