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Grain storage still available in area

DENCO II employees from left, Zack Walstad, Ethan Leier and Brody Eveslage put up boards to help hold a tarp in place over a corn storage bunker. The trio was working on Nov. 1. Rae Yost/Stevens County Times

As of Oct. 29, two local providers of corn storage in the Morris area said they had plenty of room for corn.

"It seems like farmers are doing a good job of taking care of corn," said Terry Johnson, the grain manager for CHS in Morris.

Low corn prices may prompt farmers to store more grain than sell it at harvest in the hope that grain prices increase later.

DENCO II, the ethanol plant in Morris, had storage space available for farmers, said commodities risk manager Carson Berger..

DENCO II has a program that allows farmers to store grain until they are ready to sell it to the ethanol company.

"They can deliver the corn and sell it at a later date," Berger said. The company charges 5 cents per bushel for the program, which is competitive with storage fees farmers might pay to other companies or cooperatives, Berger said.

Farmers store the corn in the hope the price will increase later.

"They can take advantage if the price improves," Berger said.

It can be risky to store grain for a period of time, in part because the quality can be reduced, Berger said.

With DENCO's program the company assumes the risk of any negative impact on quality, Berger said.

Harvest has been hampered this fall by wet conditions. Farmers had to switch during the season from one crop to another or from one field to another because of wet conditions or high moisture in grain.

Recently, "it's been steady," Johnson said of harvest.

But, "there is still a long ways to go," Berger said.