Water that was poured into different colored and differently sized containers was used by motivational speaker Aaron Hunnel to send a message to Morris Area High School students on Oct. 22.

As seven students poured the water from one container to the next, Hunnel noted that although the exterior changed, the water inside the container did not. The water looked the same until the final student squeezed a few drops of color into the water.

That's how it is in life, Hunnel said. We can't change or be our true inner self by changing the exterior. Instead "Use our internal environmental to shape our external environment," Hunnel said.

Hunnel spoke to high school students during the day on Oct. 22 and was the featured evening speaker at the annual Fall Into Health event sponsored by Stevens Community Medical Center.

When Hunnel was in high school he believed that his course in life was to attend college to be successful. He attended college on a football scholarship but didn't like the sport, became depressed and dropped out of college.

"I was doing it for other people," Hunnel said.

Soon after dropping out of college, Hunnel joined the military where he began to find his more authentic self. He began to learn the value of true quality friendships.

His life since high school has also included working with people on personal health which means helping people to first focus on the internal to change the external. Students he said, should strive to be authentic, he said.

Being authentic can be difficult, and sometimes, there are obstacles which can cause failure, Hunnel said.

And it will require people to "be able to accept the things we dislike most about ourselves," Hunnel said. And to also, "embrace the things you like about yourself."

He's worked with people who want to change their lives through nutrition and exercise but those changes can't happen unless people focus on the internal, Hunnel said.