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It's Swenson and Buss in county auditor's race

(From left) Stephanie Buss, Craig Swenson of Hancock, and Craig Swanson of Morris. Buss (left) and Swenson (middle) are running for Stevens County Auditor/Treasurer. Swanson, right, is the current county asssesor and he's not running for auditor/treasurer

Craig Swenson of Hancock is running for Stevens County Auditor/Treasurer.

Current county assessor Craig Swanson of Morris is not.

Stephanie Buss is also running for Stevens County Auditor/Treasurer.

The one letter difference in the name of the current county assessor and Swenson, who is running for auditor/treasurer, is creating some confusion for voters, said current auditor/treasurer Amanda Barsness.

"They think that it's me," Swanson said of being asked by the public if he's running for office.

Swanson doesn't need to run for office. The assessor's position is appointed in Stevens County. Swanson was appointed assessor in August of 2017.

Although the official election day is Tuesday, Nov. 6, residents in the county can vote earlier.

Barsness said mail-in ballots for cities and townships using those ballots instead of traditional polling sites were sent on Monday, Oct. 1.

Voters have also been using absentee ballots. The auditor/treasurer's office said as of Thursday, Oct. 4, about 100 absentee ballots have been sent to the office. Fifteen residents applied for absentee ballots on Wednesday, Oct. 3.

Commissioner Jeanne Ennen filed for re-election in District 2.

Nichole Olson Mahoney of Donnelly has filed for county recorder.

Sheriff Jason Dingman filed for re-election as did county attorney Aaron Jordan.

Other races in the county this year are:

Six people have filed for three seats on the Morris Area School Board. Incumbents Mike Odello and Doug Stahman filed. Dick Metzger did not file for re-election.

Four other people also filed. They are: Matt Johnson, Tammy Berberi, Renee Konz and April Taylor.

There will be a race for mayor in the city of Morris. Incumbent Sheldon Giese filed. Alison Lisbeth Marie also filed for mayor. Incumbents Brian Solvie and Jeff M. Miller filed for re-election.

For county board Neil Wiese is on the ballot and Jamie (James) Solvie registered as a write-in.

Three people filed for three seats on the Hancock School Board. Incumbents Tim Schaefer and Brett Duncan filed. John Boon also filed. Rod Peterson did not file for re-election.

Mayor Bruce Malo filed for re-election the city of Hancock. Council members Jeff Flaten and Jeff Kisgen also filed for re-election.

The city of Alberta will have a race for city council as five people filed for two seats. Glen Tomoson, Catherine Rauch, Jerry Sullivan, Ben Johnson and April Tomoson filed. Roger Gausman filed for mayor.

In Chokio, Roger Gerdes and Dallas Pillen filed for mayor. Lucus deNeui and Kirby Johnson filed for the two council seats.

Dale Ennen filed for mayor in Donnelly. Lana Arnold filed for council. The city has two council seats up for election.

In Pope County, candidates filed for city offices in Cyrus. Tyler Berg has filed for mayor for a two-year term.

Four candidates filed for two four-year terms on the council. Those candidates are: Lee Krusemark, Neil Rutter, Heidi Logeais and Donald D. Hansen.