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City receives interest in dental office

Hancock Mayor Bruce Malo said there has been interest in the dental clinic formerly occupied by retired dentist Tim Carlson. File photo

Hancock mayor Bruce Malo has been meeting with at least two dentists who have expressed interest in the dental office formerly used by Dr. Tim Carlson. Carlson retired this summer. He had a practice in Hancock and Chokio.

"Nobody's committed to anything," Malo said of any possibility of filling the Hancock dental office.

An interested dentist visited Hancock during the week of Aug. 27 and returned this week. Another dentist visited Hancock on Wednesday, Sept. 5. A third dentist inquired but then decided against a Hancock operation, Malo said.

Several weeks ago, he and Hancock City Clerk Jodi Bedel sent eight letters to dental practices within a roughly 45 mile radious of Hancock, Malo said. "Nothing happened for a couple of weeks," Malo said.

Recently, at least one of the three who were inquired about Hancock office, responded to the letter, he said.

Of the two who are apparently still interested, also has interested in the Chokio building.

The Hancock building is owned by Hancock Health Services. Malo said Hancock Health Services is a group of individuals who invested in the building with the intent to house a medical and dental practice. The group was instrumental in bringing Carlson to Hancock, Malo said.

Carlson left much of his dental equipment in the Hancock office so it could be used by another dentist, Malo said.

"We are get people interested," Malo said. "One reason is the rent is right."

Malo said a dental office is important to the city's economy. People who have a dental appointment in town may spend their money in other Hancock businesses, Malo said.

"It draws people to the community," he said.