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Storm damages Jerry's U-Save building

Roof debris from the office building at Jerry's U Save in Morris. The building was damaged in morning storm July 4. Photo courtesy of Ted Storck1 / 2
A storm ripped a large portion of the roof of the Jerry's U Save office building on the morning of July 4. Rae Yost/Stevens County Times2 / 2

The office building for Jerry's U-Save in Morris was damaged in a storm that passed through town at about 6 a.m. Wednesday, July 4.

Pete Hentges of Jerry's said on July 5 that damage was contained to the one building. The storm ripped off the roof which allowed rain to pour into the building.

"It's kind of crazy, it's the only building in town damaged. Which is good too," Hentges said."It was one of those freak things. It's just one building so we were lucky."

Hentges said the bulk fuel trucks and bulk propane trucks were running. The businesses's gas station and convenience store and car wash were also operating.

Although the business is thankful only one building was damaged, Hentges said they are worried about additional damage to a roof area that can't be seen from the road. Insulation in that area holds water and if more rain falls, it could collapse, Hentges said.

"We've got an extensive amount of water damage, " he said. Yet, "at this point it's too early to tell (extent of all damage)."

Hentges said they were fortunate to salvage a lot of office paperwork and materials including items from the computers.

The response from the community has been impressive as offers of help came almost immediately after the damage happened, Hentges said. He praised that reponse and the response by city employees who removed damage roof tin from city streets.

The damage to the building is a reminder of how it could look if the entire town was hit by a tornado, Hentges said.

Hentges said he was looking out his window just before the storm hit at around 6 a.m. and he saw some nasty clouds. "It was probably (some of the) worst I've seen," Hentges said. "Shortly after I got the phone call."