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Nohls are grand marshals for July 4

Robert and Marilyn Nohl will serve as grand marshals for the 2018 Hancock 4th of July Parade. Rae Yost/Stevens County Times

The grand marshals for the annual July 4 parade in Hancock are Robert and Marilyn Nohl.

Lions Club member Joel Flaten said the Nohls were selected because Rob was a long-time Lion.

The theme for this year's parade is Celebrating Service.

Rob said he joined the Lions when his son Corbin was young. The Lions sponsored a Halloween Party and other game nights. "I thought it was really helping the younger generation," Nohl said of why he joined. "I think the Lions do more than we realize."

While Rob was a Lions Club member for many years, the Nohls have also been involved in the community in other ways.

Marilyn was a member of the first Hancock First Responders crew.

"Just to help out," she said of why she joined. "It was nice to be there to assist someone if they needed help. I enjoyed it and I was on for quite a few years."

The couple have lived on a farm about two miles from Hancock since 1976. It's just a short distance from town so they have a definite tie to the community, Rob said.

"It's a good community with friendly people," Marilyn said.

"I've always feel like it's welcoming," Rob said.

The Nohls are involved in participating and attending community events. Rob estimated there is a community event to support at least three to four times a month.

"I'd say that," Marilyn said in agreement.

Although the town's business district and other features have changed over the years the school continues to be a focal point in the community.

"It's been a mainstay," Rob said.

The Nohls said they attend school events, particularly sporting events. Marilyn used to play on a town softball team and Rob played for the Hancock Orphans baseball team.

One other community feature that's been a mainstay is the annual July 4 festival.

"It can be like a kind of reunion," Rob said of July 4. "You see people at the early breakfast and more at the fireworks or ballgame. Somebody taps you on your shoulder and you see somebody you haven't seen for a while."

The couple enjoys, "just seeing all the activities, the people we know who are participating," Marilyn said.

They watch the parade each year in the shade across from the community center.

But not this year, the couple will be in the parade as the grand marshals.