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Warming pets: Girl Scouts donate blankets to vet clinic

The Morris Girls Scouts made blankets for pets that they donated to Morris Veterinary Center. Several Scouts are pictures with Dr. Aaron Rokey and Dr. Marcia Barck of the center. Front row, from left, Lily Patton and Andulynn Eckel. Second row, Jordan Bovee, Keara Blaesing and Ella Harell. Back row, Danielle Laine-Patton Girl Scout leader, Dana Eckel Scout volunteer and father and veterinarians Dr. Aaron Rokey and Dr. Marcia Barck. Not pictured is Scout Alaynah Tanner. Rae Yost/Stevens County Times

Dogs and cats may need some support when they go to the Morris Veterinary Center, a group of Morris Girls Scouts said. The Scouts made several blankets and donated those to the veterinary center.

Pets may need a blanket 'because they're cold," Scout Ella Harell said. Or, "because they are scared at the vet," Harell said.

"They might be scared when they have a shot," Scout Lily Patton said.

Pets may need to visit the veterinary center for various reasons.

"Because they are sick," Scout Jordyn Bovee said.

"Because of owies," Patton said.

The Scouts made blankets with all those thoughts as guides.

"They feel really soft," Bovee said.

"We made them all sizes. Big and small," Patton said.

While the blankets are big and small they were made to fit a cat or a dog.

The Scouts made the fleece blankets with help from adults.

"We tied them and the adults cut the sides," Scout Keara Blaesing said.

The donated blankets are a welcome gift, said Dr. Marcia Barck, a veterinarian at the Morris Veterinary Center.

"So many dogs and cats need a blanket to warm up after surgery," Barck said. "Almost every pet that comes through here gets a towel or a blanket."

The blankets are also used when a pet is reaching the end of life, Barck said. "...a nice, soft, blanket," is comforting during that time, Barck said.

The blankets will stay with the clinic and will be washed so they can be reused for multiple pets, Barck said.

The veterinary center has received donated blankets before but none of those were handmade, Barck said.