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Last opportunity sale in rural Morris

The bidding is about to start at the 30th annual Wulf Cattle Company Opportunity Sale on Friday, April 6, in rural Morris. This was the final year of the sale in rural Morris. The company will move the auction sale to Atkinson, Nebraska, at a Wulf Cattle and Riverview LLP location there. Rae Yost/Stevens County Times

The last Wulf Cattle Company Opportunity Sale auction in rural Morris was held on Friday, April 6. The auction sale will move to Atkinson, Nebraska, in 2019.

The sale was started 30 years ago by Leonard Wulf.

Robyn Metzger, in beef quality control with Riverview LLP and its beef division Wulf Cattle Company, said the decision to move the sale site was significantly influenced by customer needs.

Although the company stopped the live auction of bulls in 2016 in favor of video only auctions, customers still attended the sale in Morris, Metzger said. Many of those same customers also attended an annual open house at Sandy Ridge Ranch in Atkinson to see bulls and cattle before the opportunity sale.

Many of those buyers suggested the company move the sale to Nebraska so they only had to make one trip, she said.

"Ranchers were traveling two times during calving season. That is asking a lot of them," Metzger said.

Atkinson is about 2 hours and 41 minutes or about 147 miles west of Sioux City, Iowa on U.S. Highway 20. The genetics operation was moved to Sandy Ridge Ranch in 2013.

Metzger is the granddaughter of Wulf Cattle Company founder Leonard Wulf. Although the auction started as a family business, Metzger said it's grown beyond family members into the existing division within Riverview.

Alhough this was the final auction in rural Morris, it started much the same way as the other 29 auctions with the National Anthem and then, fast and furious bidding. Early in the auction at least one of the first five buls sold, was sold for more than $20,000 while others hit low double digits.