At around 9 a.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 7, James Woodke, 5 1/2 , brought his entries to the open class exhibit building at the Stevens County Fair.

Woodke waited patiently as his mom Alexis and open class exhibit official Leah Thorstad found the proper tags and information for his entries.

He looked over at a paper plate of peas he’d brought. “Those are shucking peas. You can’t eat the shell. You eat the peas,” he said.

Mom said her son helps in the big garden. “Oh yeah, he helps a lot. He knows what weeds are,” Alexis Woodke said of the rain and sun which has spurred the growth of weeds. The weather has also helped with the growth of vegetables.

But the rules say Woodke can’t bring more than one vegetable to the fair until he’s older.

Woodke brought his peas, a LEGO structure and two paintings.

“I built it by myself,” Woodke said of the LEGO structure.

The Aug. 7 schedule at the fair includes free stage shows by The Strong Man, an open class beef show and the 4-H rabbit show. The Family Fun Show Carnival opens at 4 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 8.