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Hancock Fire Department uses fire to train for fire

The Hancock Fire Department conducted a training controlled burn on Oct. 28 on a house at the corner of 6th Street and Belle Avenue. XXXXX

Members of the Hancock Fire Department were able to learn about fire in a controlled burn on Oct. 28, fire chief Kyle Rose said in an email interview.

Firefighters train all year long but a controlled burn helps to simulate a real property fire.

"It gets pretty intense inside a burning building when you are surrounded by fire," Rose said. " It is not for everyone. It takes training to keep your calm and remember why you are there and what your goal is."

The department tries to conduct one controlled burn each year. This year it is fortunate to have

two properties for a controlled burn, Rose said. The department has one more controlled burn set for this year.

"The fire department learns in every burn/training we do on houses," Rose said.

On Oct. 28, the fire department burned down a house owned by Bruce Anderson at the corner of 6th Street and Belle Avenue.

A controlled burn is conducted in several stages, Rose said. The focus of this burn was to train on a positive pressure attack.

"We smoked up the house and then put positive pressure into it by means of a fan and then the teams of three firemen went room to room checking," Rose said. "We trained first and then lit it."

The training doesn't stop when the fire starts.

"You can learn a little fire behavior as well just by watching it burn," Rose said. "You can pick up on things that you see and discuss it."

The training also includes a debriefing so the department can discuss what happened while training inside and outside the house.

"We do a debriefing after every controlled burn and discuss what we did wrong or right," Rose said.