Three employees of West Central Environmental Consultants are the winners in the Sun Tribune's Christmas Medallion Hunt.

Penny Melberg, Angie Smith and Sheldon Giese on Wednesday morning figured out that the bronze medallion was hidden on the tennis courts at Green River Park, which happens to be right across the street from WCEC.

Melberg, Smith and Giese received $100 in Chamber Cash.

In the accompanying photo, from left are Melberg, Evelyn Baas, Sun Tribune Advertising Coordinator and Medallion Committee member, Smith, Giese and Patti Burns, Sun Tribune Business Manager and Medallion Committee member.

Here are all five Medallion Hunt clues, including Nos. 4 and 5 for Thursday and Friday, which had an obvious tennis theme:

Clue No. 1 -- Listen to the whispering winter evergreen, glistening in the frozen morning light.

Clue No. 2 -- I'm in a healthy environment but if problems arise, help is close at hand.

Clue No. 3 -- When green turns to brown, and the river freezes over, my thoughts turn to the season of love.

Clue No. 4 -- Looking on the southeast side of town will serve you well.

Clue No. 5 -- In this racket, being a good sport will net you the prize.

Congratulations to Penny, Angie and Sheldon, and thanks to all who participated in the Sun Tribune's 3rd Annual Christmas Medallion Hunt.