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Cyrus News


Jeanette Veum and Patty and Lindsay Anderson enjoyed supper at the Cozy Cafe Friday in Cyrus.

Edna Dohmstreich celebrated her 98th birthday Tuesday at the Cyrus Cafe. Happy birthday Edna.

Many from the Cyrus area attended the Louise Anderson funeral at Faith Lutheran Church in Morris on Saturday morning.

Susan Dragovich and son, A. J., spent the weekend of a week ago with Phyllis Helgerson.

Sophia Banta, daughter of Rachel and Andy Banta, was baptized during services a week ago Sunday morning at the Trinity Church in Cyrus.

North Cyrus

Avis Brandt and Liz Braaten enjoyed the supper among many Thursday at the Fron Church in Starbuck.

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Bright attended the volleyball game between Bertha Hewitt and Parkers Prairie Thursday evening in Parkers Prairie.

Ryan Sansness and son, Andrew, and Seth of Carlos, spent the weekend at the Lauren and Irene Sansness home.

Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Estenson of Morris were Saturday evening visitors at the John Larson home.

Mr. and Mrs. John Larson and Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Edlund enjoyed supper out on Friday evening. Later, the Edlunds were guests at the John Larson home for cake and ice cream.

Burdell Barsness and Richard Barsness spent the weekend of a week ago at the Charles Barsness home in Brainerd assisting with work there.

Lorraine Carstens was a visitor on Sept. 19 of Mrs. John Larson in honor of her birthday.

On Sunday afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Larson and boys were visitors at the John Larson home, also in honor of Mrs. John Larson's birthday.


Emily Ehlers who attends Augustana College in Sioux Falls, S. D., spent the weekend at the Doug and Sharon Ehlers' home.

It is reported last week four inches of rain came in this area. Yes, we all agree a little too late to help the crops, but it will help the evergreen trees and other trees.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Kahleck attended the VFW Membership supper Sunday evening at the Old No. 1 in Morris.

Swan Lake

It feels a bit like fall with the leaves starting to turn yellow and orange. Some days feel a little cool outside too. A few of us even started our furnaces already. No frost has been seen by me, but the lake helps us to keep warmer here by my place.

Thursday brought lots of thunder and lightening strikes. Lightening hit the house on the Jacob and Krystal Dohlen farm and it burned to the ground.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Stark spent the weekend at the Paula and Ryan Haraldson home in Kasson. On Sunday they attended baptism for the Haraldson's daughter, Melea, at St. John's Church in Kasson.

We hear that Renae Gohram had hip surgery a week ago Wednesday at Stevens Community Medical Center. She is now recovering at West Wind Village.

Shirley Haberer brought supper and visited Saturday afternoon with Amanda Dohlen, who had been not feeling well.

Pastor Linda Helberg and Gladys Helberg were visitors last Tuesday at the Dan Helberg home.