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Hughes, Hinson will compete in primary to challenge Peterson

Dave Hughes and Amanda Lynn Hinson have challenged incumbent Collin Peterson for a seat in the House of Representatives. The two will face off in a primary election on Tuesday, Aug. 9.

MORRIS — Two Republicans will face off in a primary election to see who will face Rep. Collin Peterson (DFL) in the general election in November.

The two candidates are Dave Hughes of Karlstad, Minnesota and Amanda Lynn Hinson of Long Prairie. Hughes was endorsed by Republicans in Minnesota's Seventh Congressional District at their convention in Alexandria in April. He was selected by delegates of the 38 counties that comprise the district by a majority of 60 percent or more in the first round of balloting.

Hughes said he brings a message of "prosperity, security and integrity." He describes himself as a strict constitutional conservative who supports small government and low taxes. He also supports a "zero-for-zero" policy for agricultural trade and said foreign agriculture programs should not put U.S. farmers at a disadvantage.

Despite not earning the Republican endorsement, Hinson said she plans to continue her campaign as part of her commitment to supporters, donors and citizens of the district. Issue that are important to Hinson include balancing the budget and addressing the national debt, and cutting back on federal overreach into areas like the federal school lunch program.

"My deep roots here going back five generations compels me that of everyone on the ballot, I'm going to be our district's best advocate," Hinson said in a press release.

Hughes and Hinson will face off in a primary election on Tuesday, Aug. 9 to see who will challenge Peterson in the general election. Voting by mail for the primary election will take place from June 24 through Aug. 8.

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