The city should consider paving the gravel road that runs alongside a softball field and near the new city water plant, city manager Blaine Hill said at the July 23 council meeting.

“It makes no sense that it’s a gravel road,” Hill said.

Hill make the suggestion during a report on the city’s new water plant. The city will retain the road after the final work is completed on the water plant and demolition of the old plant, Hill said.

The road is used by people attending softball games on the nearby field, he said. The city now has a new water plant and the area around it will have new landscaping, Hill said. The use of the road and the improved area at the water plant are reasons to pave it, he said.

Demolition at the old Morris water plant. Rae Yost/Stevens County Times
Demolition at the old Morris water plant. Rae Yost/Stevens County Times

The city’s consulting engineer Jeff Kuhn of Widseth Smith and Nolting, will evaluate a possible paving project for that road as well as other possible projects, Hill said. He, Kuhn and city public works director Jim Dittbenner will meet to discuss possible road projects including paving the parking lot at Chizek Field.

And while the water plant has been operating for several weeks, the grains of hardness have varied from 5 to 15, Hill said. The goal is five grains.

A major problem has been found in one of the city’s water wells, Hill said. Years ago, the city installed a sleeved pipe on the well and the Minnesota Department of Health said that’s not acceptable now, Hill said.

“They could require us to drill a new well,” Hill said.

A new well could cost about $90,000, he said. But, the city may be able to manage using the other wells it has, Hill said.