About a year ago, the Hancock School Board approved a two-story addition project to the school to house an increased student enrollment and revamp the school’s industrial technology, science, technology, engineering, and fitness classes. The board and then superintendent Loren Hacker had studied various enrollment projections and enrollment trends over the past several years before making the decision to build. At the July 15 meeting, the board got even more affirmation that the addition was the right decision. The student enrollment as of July 15 in grades K-12 is 371 students, new superintendent Paul Carlson and principal Tim Pahl said. That’s 34 more students than in 2018-2019. Carlson said while the increase is good news, he also said that it is a count for July and the official enrollment for 2019-2020 won’t be taken until October when enrollment is submitted to the state. “I don’t recall (projecting) that we’d be 371 for 2020,” board member Tim Schaefer said. “We are already a little ahead of what was predicted,” Carlson said. Pahl said projections used by Hacker in discussions about the future had the top enrollment at 361 in 2021. Although the board learned of several students who’d be open enrolling for the upcoming school year, Hacker had stressed over the past year that most of the district’s student enrollment growth was from within the district. Pahl said open enrollment for grades 7-12 has closed students, but in kindergarten through sixth grade can open enroll into the district until 3 p.m. July 31. Carlson plans to update the board on student enrollment each month.