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Letter: Watch what Jay does, not what he says

While campaigning, Jay McNamar claimed he supported traditional marriage. Yet, he voted against District 12A’s rural values to legalize gay marriage. In 2013, Jay joined the metro crowd for a tax bill containing harsh implications for farmers and rural areas. Here are two examples. The first is a new tax. Another sales tax. This one added onto labor costs for repairing farm machinery. Secondly, in 2013, Local Government Aid was increased by $80 million. However, half of the new money went to the metro areas. Jay voted for this unfair distribution of funding. Now, Metro Jay is silent on the issue of forcing girls and boys to shower together. If he’s not speaking against it, is it unreasonable to assume he is fine with this outrageous decree?  

How is it that Jay didn’t actually vote for what he claimed he stood for on the campaign trail? Simple answer – he really is metro at heart. How can he claim to care about rural values but not defend them in office? Weakness. Or he takes us for chumps! Or both. Why vote for someone who says one thing and does another?