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Letter: McNamar’s metro fundraiser

Jay McNamar, “a voice for rural Minnesota,” went to the metro for a fundraiser on June 23, hosted by Rep. Jean Wagenius. As one of the most aggressive metro environmentalists in the House of Representatives, I don’t think she has found one restrictive environmental regulation that she does not like. She especially likes buffer strips which apply only to rural landowners. Search Facebook, “Fundraiser for Jay McNamar.”

I wonder why McNamar goes to the metro for his campaign funding. Surely he must know that they expect favors back from him. He has never come out publicly to support or fight the buffer bill or other important bills that affect rural areas. To me it looks like the metro is buying his silence on the critical issues out here.

During the last election cycle McNamar was very critical of money raised for campaigns that came out of the district. It turns out that 80 percent of his came from out of the district. Now he is doing the same thing again. How can you have your slogan as a “voice for rural Minnesota” and go to the metro for your funding? You cannot. That’s why I’m a Backer backer.