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Letter: Take care of your customers and they’ll take care of you

Last October, my sister took an out-of-town guest and me to a restaurant in Morris. Two of us ordered the taco salad, only to discover it was the worse taco salad we had ever eaten or not eaten. The next day I called and told the male who answered the phone of our dissatisfaction. His response: “We have never had a complaint about our food.”

Then about six weeks ago, there was an article in the paper here about how to keep customers happy; the writer pointed out he had gone to a new restaurant, and he was extremely unhappy with the meal.  He wrote that his first thought was to leave, never return, and, of course, tell his friends how unhappy he was. Then he said, “I decided to tell the manager.” He said the manager took care of the problem and now he goes back three to four times a month. He said had he not said anything, and had the manager not made things right, the restaurant would have lost his business, plus others he would tell about his unhappiness.

So, I sent this article to the Morris restaurant, writing about my displeasure with the taco salads. Well, no answer from them. So, you can be certain I’ll never climb those stairs to eat there again.

I learned when I owned radio stations, you always kept the advertisers happy. That was so even if I felt there was not a problem. A happy customers returns. That is why my radio stations were so successful.

Businesses in Morris need to keep their customers happy. It appears that is not happening as Alexandria and other towns each week fill the Morris Sun Tribune with ads enticing folks to shop there.

It didn’t use to be that way.

Take care of your customers, and they’ll take care of you.