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Letter: Are Republican leaders here when it really counts?

House Republican leaders try to talk a good game when it comes to sticking up for Greater Minnesota, but are they there for us when it really counts? Case in point, House Majority Leader Joyce Peppin's tour of the ethanol plant in Morris as part her tour to “support” Greater Minnesota. I'm glad she enjoyed her time in Morris, but when it came time to vote, Peppin voted against ethanol and Greater Minnesota.

House Majority Leader Peppin has been a strident opponent of ethanol. In fact, she voted against $750,000 in funding for the Morris ethanol plant in 2013 (HJP 4722 3/15/13). She voted against funding for the Morris plant again in the 2014 session (HJP 11838, 5/16/14).

And what has Majority Leader Peppin and the House Republican leadership actually proposed for Greater Minnesota this year? They are proposing a cut to the jobs and economic development budget that supports key funding for Greater Minnesota jobs initiatives, including eliminating support for broadband infrastructure.

It would have been nice for Majority Leader Peppin and Jeff Backer to thank Rep. Jay McNamar during their visit. It was McNamar that authored the bill that provided new funding for the Morris plant – despite opposition from Republicans like Peppin.

I have some advice for House Majority Leader Peppin. You can save some gas money next time you’re coming out here to pander to us Greater Minnesota folks. We’d rather you put your money where your mouth is and actually vote for Greater Minnesota.