BENSON — Fire crews from four departments were at the scene of a fire Tuesday afternoon at the demolition site of the former Fibrominn plant.

Crews were on the scene for about two hours.

There were no injuries.

The large power plant, which opened in 2007, generated electricity by burning turkey manure until 2018 when it was sold to Xcel Energy and decommissioned. It had most recently operated as Benson Power.

Earlier this month, a demolition crew from Maryland used explosives to topple the 30-story smokestack, 15-story boiler house and 10-story spray dryer building. Work has been underway since then to dismantle the buildings, recycle the metal and clean up the site.

According to a news release from Benson Police Chief Ian Hodge, demolition workers reported the fire at 1:30 p.m. at the site located at 900 Industry Drive.

The Benson Fire Department responded to the scene and requested mutual aid from Danvers, DeGraff and Clontarf fire departments.

“Traffic was shut down on Swift County Road 3 during the incident and adjoining businesses were notified of the hazard,” said Hodge.

He said the four fire departments gained control of the fire and cleared the scene at 3:30 p.m. Tuesday.

“All people working at the site are safe and accounted for,” according to a statement issued Tuesday afternoon by Xcel Energy.

Benson Fire Chief Jeff Reuss said a cutting torch that was being used during the demolition started the fire.

The Swift County Benson Health Services ambulance, Benson Police Department. Swift County Sheriff’s Office and the Swift County Highway Department assisted at the scene.

Some buildings that were part of the original plant are still standing and there are tentative plans to use them for a potential new business of producing biogas from cattle manure