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Letter: Been there, done that?

Mr. Schmid claims that he was at the Republican endorsing convention in March and saw first-hand what went on. The odd part is there is no written record of him being there. The Republicans still have the records and his name is conspicuously absent. To attend, you have to sign in at the door of the convention. So if he was “actively involved with the Republicans,” why didn’t he sign in and follow the rules of the convention?

If he really was there, Mr. Schmid also seems to have a case of “selective or edited hearing” of the events during the convention. Traditional marriage was brought up and I said I would support legislation to repeal gay marriage. Traditional marriage is dear to the hearts of the majority of 12A, and I share this sentiment. For that reason and others, I’ll be a good representative. I never promised that this would be “the issue” of my campaign.

In the Morris debate with McNamar, I stated my top priorities of reinvigorating entrepreneurship, funding for senior care, transportation (excluding light rail), and education. I can also tell you what McNamar had for his four priorities because a friend of mine took notes.

When someone claims to have “been there and done that,” and there is no record of it, their claims have been severely compromised.