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Letter: Backer does not have priorities straight

As a conservative who has been actively involved with the Republican Party of Minnesota for years, I simply cannot support Jeff Backer for State Representative. Unfortunately, he does not have his priorities straight, something I saw firsthand at the Republican endorsing convention this past March.

As Backer proclaimed that he would proudly author or co-author a bill to repeal same-sex marriage in Minnesota as one of his first legislative actions, it became apparent that his priorities were not in line with the primary concerns of the district – job growth, investment in agriculture, and improved education.

Backer’s opposition to gay marriage isn’t particularly concerning – the majority of Republicans oppose it. What is concerning, however, is that he intends to try and repeal this well-established law, spending time and energy that should be used addressing more critical issues.

Although I certainly don’t agree with Representative Jay McNamar’s stance on every issue, his legislative priorities are nevertheless a good reflection of the district’s most pressing concerns. McNamar is the best choice in this race, and he deserves to be sent back to St. Paul to represent House District 12A.