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Looking Back

A news clipping from the Donnelly Star newspaper.1 / 3
The 1912 Morris High School boys basketball team.2 / 3
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65 Years Ago

Items taken from the Morris Sun of April 14, 1953

The Morris high school basketball team of 1912 consisted of Harry Peterson, William Maughan, Rupert Meir, Ben Treischel, Olaf Satzer, Arthur Sherven and John Leuty.

Pvt. Donald Bjorlin, son of Mr and Mrs. Carl Bjorlin of Chokio, left for Camp Stoneman, CA after spending a 10-day furlough at home. From Camp Stoneman he will be transferred to the Far East. Bjorlin was given a letter of recommendation for being selected as the outstanding trainer to a company of 203 men.

The Rand Drive-in will reopen about May 15. The drive-in theatre was not operated last season but is being readied new for the new season and numerous improvements are being made. The parking area is being graded, footings for the steel towers for the screen are new underway, and a new structure to house the projection booth and refreshment stand will be built. The drive-in will be able to accommodate 416 cars, with individual speakers for each car.

Citizens of Independent School District No. 1 are invited to attend a public mass meeting in the Morris high school auditorium, informing of the proposed $400,000 bond issue for the construction of additional school facilities. A proposed addition is planned to take care of the foreseeable future growth in enrollment from the community and to service the high school area with completely adequate facilities.

50 Years Ago

Items taken from the Hancock Record of April 11, 1968

Application of Christian principles to everyday living in the rural community will provide the theme for a unique meeting in West Central Minnesota. The meeting, called a Christian Rural Life Meeting, comes under the sponsorship of some 60 churches in Stevens, Grant and Traverse counties. It will be the first such interdenominational gathering ever held in the area on this broad a basis, and people from all churches are being encouraged to attend. Featured on the program will be Sister M. Thomas More OSF, assistant professor of history at Holy Family College, Manitowoc, WI, and the Rev. Elwin M. Mueller, associate secretary of the Department of Church and Community Planning for the Lutheran Council in the United States.

Lori Potter, granddaughter of Mrs. Irene Cushing, placed 1st out of 195 in her category at a recent Kirby Junior High School Science Fair held in Tinley Park, IL, near Chicago. Lori's entry was in the bio-chemistry category and was entitled "Bottles, Bubbles and Balloons". She is the daughter of Mr and Mrs. Gene Potter, formerly of Ortonville, MN.

Miss Marcia Oksendahl, one of the 70 students who completed their pre-clinical theoretical training at the North Dakota State School of Sciences, has now started her 30 weeks of clinical affiliation at Good Samaritan Hospital, Rugby. She was honored on the President's List throughout her pre-clinical training. Miss Oksendahl is the daughter of Mr and Mrs. Bradley Oksendahl.

Did you know.......

Donnelly once upon a time published a newspaper, The Donnelly Star. This snippet is from the Nov. 1, 1917, newspaper.

Stay tuned for more about The Donnelly Star.