Editor's note: Items in Looking Back are written as they were in the date and year of original publication.

60 Years Ago

Items taken from the Morris Tribune of July 17, 1959

This was a "posed" situation, of course, but one could hardly blame Officer Robert Hockert if he really took into custody a character like the one with whom he is pictured when that character is found roaming the downtown streets. Back of it all is the big "Krazy Daze" promotion by Morris merchants, scheduled for next Tuesday and Wednesday, and the character with Officer Hockert is none other than A. W. Berning, Sun and Tribune advertising manager. Otherwise generally normal, Berning donned this outlandish costume to give an advance hint of what area folks might expect to find when they visit stores on "Krazy Daze".

Nine Stevens county 4-H'ers won State Fair trips as a result of outstanding demonstrations presented on Tuesday at the 4-H Oral Demonstration Day at the West Central School of Agriculture. Chosen to represent Stevens county in the home economics division were Joan Brunkow, LuAnn Erdahl, Janice Larson and Linda Helberg. The top demonstrators in the agricultural division were Ricky Busch, Ronnie Strand and Kathleen Smith. Kenneth Stark of the Swan Lake 4-H club and his tractor demonstration also won a trip. Janice Schuster of the Baker 4-H club with " Be Prepared" was the winning activity demonstration in safety and will attend the State Fair.

Ted Alm of Morris has purchased Berth's Café in Chokio and took possession of the business last Friday. The new owner of the café is not unacquainted with that business, having worked for a time at Cy's Coffee Shop in Morris and at a large drive-in café in St. Paul prior to moving back to Morris several months ago to live.

A 13-year-old Morris won the county-wide White Bread contest Wednesday sponsored by the Stevens County Farm Bureau at the Town Hall in the Merchants hotel building. She is Carole Gilbert, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Oren Gilbert. Carole also won a cash prize of five dollars. Mrs. Lillian Heinrich of Donnelly won second place Wednesday and a cash prize of three dollars, and Karen Heinrich was third, winning a cash prize of two dollars.

Residents of Shorewood Addition attended the city commission meeting Monday night to voice objection to the proposed construction in that area of a new building to house an eight-lane bowling establishment. The proposed new building, to be constructed for a new bowling center that would be installed by Walter Ross, proprietor of the present downtown four-lane bowling center in Morris, would be located near the Thedin Motel on the west edge of the city. Shorewood residents are objecting to the further commercialization of the area on the basis that it would remove the area from eligibility for FHA-insured loans, and that it would detract from values of residential properties.

65 Years Ago

Items taken from the Morris Tribune of July 18, 1974

Under the "green thumb" guidance of Don and Sylvia Yarger, horticultural wonders are flourishing in their garden at 107 South Oregon in Morris. The Easter Lily is in its third season of blooming during the summer. But this year tops previous years as it is displaying a total of 20 blossoms and buds, with three new shoots coming.

The University of Minnesota Board of Regents approved a number of items relating to the Morris campus at its July meeting. Items receiving final approval by the Regents were contracts for the resurfacing of the plaza between the UMM library and Edson Hall, construction of a 400 car parking lot, and the installation of stage lighting equipment for the recently constructed Fine Arts Center. All three of these projects are scheduled for completion by September 1, according to Harold Fahl, Superintendent of Plant Services at UMM.

The Citizens' Advisory Committee Tuesday termed the shortage of doctors in Morris and the surrounding area "a crisis" and took action to meet with the Morris Area Doctor Procurement Committee to gain an update on the situation. The Committee passed a resolution to meet with the Doctor Procurement Committee within a week concerning doctors and health care facilities in Morris.

A several-block area in the southeast portion of the city of Morris has been designated as a special flood hazard area by the Federal Insurance Administration, and the Morris city council will discuss the possibility of obtaining flood insurance for this area at its regular Tuesday meeting. In a letter to city manager Ron Klaphake, sent by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), a special flood hazard area was designated from South St., portions of Pine and Elm St., Brook and North Court St., Eleanor St., Meadow Land and parts of the University, Atlantic and California avenues. According to provisions of the 1973 Flood Disaster Protection Act, communities not presently participating in the National Flood Insurance Program (Morris is not) can enroll in the program so that residents will be protected financially against flood losses. If the FIA concurs that evidence submitted proves that the area is not flood-prone, or has been corrected by flood control methods, the determination of a flood hazard will be cancelled.

30 Years Ago

Items taken from the Hancock Record of July 13, 1989

The Hancock Knights were victorious in the first round of the Babe Ruth tournament by defeating Blue by a score of 21-9. Members of the Hancock Knights Babe Ruth baseball team are Jason, Gorder (manager), Tom Pahl, Scott VerSteeg, Jamie Erdman, John Ruplinger, Terry Timmerman, Joel Conroy, Shane Thielke, Scott Raths, Matt Asche, Jason Zeltwanger, and Scott Larson. Missing from team pictures were Cory "Boo" Schoeck, Ray Walters and managers Kurt Hanson, Jan Raths, and Duane Zeltwanger. The team ended regular season play with an 8-2 record.

Rueben Luthi, owner of Trico Ag Service in Hancock, expects that this new addition to the Trico building will be completed in September. Luthi said that when the 40' x 68' building is completed, the front 20' x 40' will be office space, and the remaining 48' x 40' will be the shop area. Some of the people hired to work on the Trico building are Rollie Zeltwanger, general contractor; Steve Staples, concrete work; Tony Messner, electricity/wiring; and Craig's Refrigeration for the plumbing and air conditioning.

This year's Fourth of July's Hancock celebration theme was "Heart Beat of America". Willard Beyer, Hancock's first heart transplant recipient, was the Grand Marshall for the "Heart Beat of America" parade on fourth of the July.

The Little Miss Hancock pageant escorts were Coby Backman and David Messner. This year's Little Miss Hancock is Rachelle Peterson.

Members of the Hancock City Council had a busy evening, as the regular City Council meeting was preceded by a public hearing concerning the resurfacing of Pacific Avenue on the west side of Hancock. The council heard from Rick Thielke and Bud Huntley, both have property along Pacific Ave. At this point part of Pacific Avenue (from the 6th street stop sign and south, 1,781 feet) belongs to the City of Hancock, and the remaining 1,119 feet are in Moore Township. Moore Township has already said that it won't be able to help out in paying for the cost of resurfacing, so the problem came in deciding what to do. It was finally decided that the City of Hancock should try to annex the remaining road and then call for bids once again on the entire length of Pacific Avenue.