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Looking Back

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Editor's note: Items in Looking Back are written as they were in the date and year of original publication.

50 Years Ago

Items taken from the Morris Sun of July 30, 1968

Contracts for three faculty members for the Morris public schools were approved by the board of education. Miss Gretchen Paschke will be librarian at the junior high school, Mrs. Seirena Holleman will be a teacher of the trainable class in Special Education, and Helen (Mrs. Bruce) Rolloff will teach physical education at Longfellow.

Following a discussion of Morris' Operation X-Ray project, the concluding message given by John D. Peterson, director of the rural bureau of the division of industrial development of the Minnesota Department of Economic Development was, "Don't let the matter drop now". Nearly a hundred Morris citizens took an analytical look at Morris and listed its deficiencies and good facets.

One hundred twenty-seven Avon Representatives in a ten-county area including Stevens celebrated a victory banquet at the Minnewaska House near Glenwood. Those representatives were tops in sales in a three-state area. Three representatives who had been with Avon Products, Inc. from 19-26 years, which included Mrs. Melanie Hoyer of Morris, were specially honored with an orchid corsage.

On July 20, the barn owned by Mr. and Mrs. Carl Anderson, who live ten miles south of Chokio, was completely destroyed by fire. The 34 x 60-foot wood structure contained 1800 bales of hay and a complete bulk tank milk setup. Anderson was milking 15 registered Brown Swiss cows.

40 Years Ago

Items taken from the Hancock Record of August 2, 1978

City officials said today that it appears doubtful that Hancock will receive a federal grant for development of a community center, which was applied for nearly a year ago. Meanwhile, Morris and Fergus Falls have received word from the Department of Housing and Urban Development that their grants have been approved. For Morris, this means a federal payment in excess of $700,000, to be used over a three-year period for street renewal and water and sewers.

One project that has taken a great amount of time lately has been the construction of the tennis courts. Concrete pouring will begin this Thursday at 7 a.m. I would like to urge persons with knowledge of concrete work to be there and give us a hand.

The Index of Prices Received by Minnesota farmers slipped three per cent to 210 during the month ended July 15 compared to the previous month, according to the Minnesota Crop and Livestock Reporting Service. Mid-July prices were lower than June for nearly all field crops, market hogs, steers and heifers, beef cattle, lambs and milk cow replacements. Higher prices were posted for hay, calves, sheep, milk and eggs. The price index is measured against 1967 prices, which equal 120.

Ted Schmidgall, son of Mr and Mrs. Don Schmidgall has accepted employment at Zeigler Inc. in Minneapolis. Ted graduated from Hancock high school and has just completed the Diesel Mechanics program at the Willmar Area Vocational-Technical Institute.

Cyrus goes into the finals tonight of the Pomme de Terre North league against either Alexandria or Glenwood, after stifling Morris' bid 3-1 last Wednesday. The Cyrus league is made up of: D. Pieske, R. Bright, Lindor, Starns, Klinnert, Edlund, Gunvalson, R. Hansen, J. Hyatt and D. Thompson.

35 Years Ago

Items taken from the Morris Sun of July 26, 1983,

The Morris Little League Mets, sponsored by Kleespie Tank, are the consolation champs in third place in this year's big tournament. The downed the Donnelly Red Sox 11-5 in their final game. The proud gang assembled at the conclusion of their successful season. Members are: John Backman, Eric Rose, Chad Haroldson, Craig Selk, Steven Kussatz, Chris Rach, David Hanrahan, Scott Van Horn, Darren Moser, Chad Moser, Garrett Gilbertson and Kyle Fausler.

University of Minnesota, Morris Assistant Provost and Professor of Psychology Stephen G. Granger has been reappointed to another seven-year term as assistant provost by UMM Provost John Q. Imholte following an evaluation of Granger's administrative performance. Dr. Granger has served as assistant provost since 1963. He was one of UMM's original staff members, coming to the campus in 1960 as director of counseling.

Preparations are underway for this year's Miss Morris Pageant, slated for Sept. 17. The Jaycee Women and Morris Area Chamber of Commerce are serving as co-sponsors. The chairwomen are Deb Stark and Jeri Anderson, with assistance from Barb Lesmeister and other Jaycee Women. The first planning meeting was held at the lower level of the Otter Tail Power Company building with attendants Jackie Voight, Jodi Fults, Kay Melchert, Shelly Kirwin, Sara Overland, Jan Burnes, Sarah Scharf, Anderson, Lesmeister, Stark, Judy Krump and Misty Folkens.

Dr. Michael Lair, a new Morris optometrist, was welcomed recently by an amiable duo of ambassadors representing the Morris Area Chamber of Commerce. Lair is in partnership with Dr. John Watzke at 202 East 6th Street. The smiling ambassadors were Miss Friendship Annette Miller and Dean Paulson.