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Nov. 15 meeting on Farm Rental Agreements in Alexandria

Property owners, farmers and agri-business professionals should make plans to attend one of the informative meetings, "What is a Fair Farmland Agreement?" being held across Minnesota.

The University of Minnesota Extension is providing these free meetings. Farm land rental rates have started to lower as corn and soybean prices continue lower in 2017. Determining a fair farm rent agreement is a challenge in today’s

economy with current significantly lower corn and soybean prices in 2017 compared to recent record corn and soybean prices and record farmland values.

Negotiating a fair rental agreement that satisfies the landowner and the farmer is a challenge.

David Bau and Nathan Hulinsky, Extension Educators in Ag Business Management, will provide several ways; by examples, factsheets and worksheets to determine a fair farm land rental rate for

both parties.

Topics covered at the meetings will include local historic and projected farm land rental rate trends, current farm land values and sales and worksheet that will help determine a fair rental agreement. Input costs for 2018 will be presented along with current 2018 corn and soybean

prices. Worksheets will examine 2018 costs and what is affordable rent that a farmer will be able to pay in 2018, the rate of return to the property owner at current market values and examine flexible rental agreements.

Make plans to attend one of these meetings now. Attendees will receive several informative worksheets and factsheets that will help to determine what is a fair 2018 farm land rental rate.

The meeting will be held locally in Alexandria on Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2017 at 9:30 a.m. and repeat again at 1:30 p.m. at the Douglas County Public Works Meeting Room located at 526 Willow Drive; there is a separate entrance and parking lot for meeting room use.

Meetings will last approximately two hours. There is no pre-registration.

For more information or questions, contact the Douglas County Extension Office at (320) 762-3890 or email Find us in the Douglas County Service Center Building located at 720 Fillmore Street in Alexandria. You may also contact Nathan Hulinsky

directly at (218) 236-2009 or