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Tigers make improvements in the pool

The start of the 2010-2011 season was delayed due to weather issues, but once the Morris Area boys' swimming and diving team got in the water they never looked back on their way to achieving faster times.

Along with their new coaching staff, head coach Megan Lange and assistant Travis Lembcke, the Tigers made many accomplishments this season.

"I think that the boys had a pretty successful year," said Lange. "First of all we had eight new swimmers/divers this year, which is great, especially since they are from all different grades and not just incoming seventh graders. They joined 11 returning athletes. 

"This was great for our team, but it still made us the smallest in the section. Unfortunately, being the smallest makes winning a meet difficult since we can't fill out a complete list of events.

  "Individually, the boys all made great improvements in their events. There were even a few who branched out and tried a new event, including Vaughn Dieter and Mitch Kill who then participated in the Section 3A meet in their new events."

Although everyone improved in their individual events, Lange mentioned some of the greatest improvements over the season.

• Mitch Kill dropped 10.55 seconds in the 100 breast

• Travis Mithun dropped 4.66 seconds in the breast, and added 29 points to his 6-dive list and 79 to his 11-dive list

• Gage Anderson dropped 5.28 seconds in the 100 fly, 10.3 seconds in the 200 free, and 4.24 seconds in the 100 free

• Mickey Cotter dropped 5.14 seconds in the breast, and 3.44 seconds in the 50 free

• Roy Reese dropped 4.79 seconds in the 100 free, 1.95 seconds in his 100 free, and .89 seconds in his 50 free which put him under 25 seconds

• Vaughn Dieter dropped 6.56 seconds in the 500 free, 20.5 seconds in the 200 free, 5.93 seconds in the 100 free, 4.52 seconds in the 50 free, and 15.11 seconds in the 100 back

• Taylor Hufford dropped 5.37 seconds in the 50 free and 6.49 seconds in the 100 free

• Matt Lembcke dropped 4.63 seconds in the 50 free

• Matt Athey dropped 16.69 seconds in the 50 free

• Sawyer Marthaler dropped 31.88 seconds in the 50 free

The season came to an end with six of the Tiger swimmers participating in the Section 3A meet that was hosted at the RFC in Morris.

"All of our athletes that swam put up their fastest times of the season. These swimmers were Gage Anderson, Jackson Boever, Vaughn Dieter, Taylor Hufford, Mitch Kill, and Roy Reese.

"Dieter was chosen for the most improved award for the season because of his dedication, never missing a meet or practice, and for all of his improved times.

"Seventh grader, Jacob Johnson,  got the Rookie of the Year award for swimming in every meet that he qualified for, and for his dedication during practice. 

"Reese received the Most Valuable Swimmer award for having the team's fastest times, bringing in the most team points, and for setting an example for the new and younger swimmers.

"Senior, Travis Mithun, received the Most Valuable Diver award this season for his great improvements and for bringing in the most diving points for the team.

"Overall, I am very proud of what the boys accomplished this year. They put in the effort and it showed in their times. As a team, the boys got along well and had quite a bit of fun. Also, this season wouldn't have been possible without all of the generous help from the parents. They are involved just as much as the boys are, helping at home meets, getting the boys to and from away meets, fundraising, and so much more."