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Celebrating 100th day of school at MAES

In honor of "I Love to Read" month, the faculty of Morris Area Elementary school presented the play "Sleeping Beauty, Sleeping Beauty, Sleeping Beauty, Etc." on Thursday.

Using the classic fairy tale, it tells of King Hedrund, Queen Huddern, and Princess Hurdned. Also included are 100 fairies, princes, frogs, thorny rose bushes, cupcakes, swans, peanut butter sandwiches, and 100 kisses, a handsome Prince Dedhurn, and an evil fairy.

The play celebrated the 100th day of school.

The cast and crew included (seated, left to right in the accompanying photo) Caleb Greene, Cork Loge, Larry Syverson, Becky Hennen, Gretchen Gillis, Brian Johnson, Darcy Winkelman, (standing) Suzanne Smith, Muriel Eggebraaten, Heidi Suess, Barb Wilts, Amy Millard, Sheila Anderson, Jerry Witt, Abbey Johnson, Linda Retzlaff, and Lanna Stahman.