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Tigers look forward to a fun season in the pool

Brooke Kern, Sun Tribune

The Morris Area/Chokio-Alberta Tigers boys swimming and diving jumped in the pool for their first official practice on Monday, Nov. 25.

Numbers are slightly up from last year to this year, in the 14-15 range.

“A few young swimmers trying out, so we’re excited to see how they do,” head coach Anita Nelson said.

With only a handful of returning swimmers, Vaughn Dieter and Peter Erickson are named the captains this season.

“I don’t know about Peter since he finished second half of the school year [and season] in England, but Vaughn seems very excited,” Nelson said. “He made it to sections last year, didn’t make top sixteen, but I think that will be a good goal for him this year.”

Expectations are tough when you barely have enough players to fill a roster, but Nelson still expresses her excitement to see what the boys will do this season.

“It’s truly hard to say, I don’t have a ton of expectations for this season,” Nelson said. “I just want see what we do, have fun with it, and swim hard.”

“It’s very tough being a team of 14-15 because you go against teams of 20-25,” Nelson said. “It gets to be tough for the boys in that way, so it’s hard to expect a whole ton out of them.”

“I really hope this will be a good building season for us,” Nelson said. “We have five or six seventh graders in the pool, so showing a young group is going to be really fun.”

Since Perham pool is unable to be utilized for meets, the Tigers swim against Perham a lot during the season.

“Perham is probably the closest competition for us,” Nelson said. “Which is cool because we actually go against them quite a bit when we host triangular meets and such, so it’s fun.”

Morris Area/C-A will be traveling to Fergus Falls on Dec. 7 for their season opener. The Tigers will take the pool for their home opener against Perham at the Regional Fitness Center Dec. 12.

Brooke Kern

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