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Miller coaches first season of girls' golf

Austen Miller recently completed his first season as head coach of the Morris Area girls' golf team. His small, young team was able to find success on the course in 2011.

Junior Cassidy Hennen was the veteran on the team. She earned all-conference honors in the West Central South.

"She has a great golf mentality," said Miller. "What I mean by that is she understands the game and knows how to manage the course and her swing very well. Her temperament is ideal for a golfer. She's able to let things roll off her back pretty well and she learns quickly. I could tell from day one that she loves the game,even when she doesn't play well."

"She has a natural swing and is very coachable. She'll be a senior next year and I know she will have another great season.

Freshman Sydney Engebretson also brought varsity experience to the team.

"Sydney has incredible potential in the sport of golf," said Miller. "She can hit the snot out of the ball when she tries.

"She has a very energetic personality and I enjoy having that "pop" on the team. She certainly makes things fun.

"I hope to see her work hard again next year and grow as a player."

It was Maddie Hennen's first year as a Tiger golfer.

"I can't say enough about how hard Maddie worked this year," said Miller. "For a seventh grader to manage academics and a full varsity schedule in a spring sport is an amazing accomplishment. She too has a natural swing and I think everyone will be hearing a lot more about this young golfer in the years to come."

Seventh grader Gabriel Sparby was also a member of the team for about half of the season.

"I want to be sure to recognize her efforts," added Miller. "Ultimately, a full varsity schedule was too much to juggle along with academics, piano lessons and other extra curricular obligations. I'm proud of her for sticking it out as long as she did. She certainly contributed to our success as a team this year. I'm hopeful that she will join again next year. She certainly has some promising talents on the course."